URL's suck. When I want to go to Google calendar I want to type just that, or even google cal. Instead of Google dot com slash calendar. When I want to see today's episode of Colbert report, I should be able to type that in the address bar even though the address is colbertnation dot com. Enter Google's "I'm Feeling Lucky" search. Below is a guide to set Google's "I feel lucky" as default search in various browsers: Opera:

* Open Google.com, or your favorite Google page.
* Right click the search field and select "Add custom search"
* Click details, in the address field you will see something like this:


* Now, change btnG=Google+Search to btnI, so it looks like this:


* Finally check "Use this as default search engine"


* Enter options -> Basics ->Default search section, click manage.
* Select the already existing Google search, click edit, copy the URL.
* Close, and add new.
* Type a name and, leave keyword empty, and paste into the URL that which you copied and add &btnI, it should be something like this:


* Click ok, and then set as default.
* You can still search with Google by typing  the keyword (google.com) and then you'll see the search appear under the address bar.


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